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Please Note: Don Park has changed the description of Warm Air Gauge Pipe (WA) to Standard (STD). This is a description change only, the products and pricing will remain the same

Habitat for Humanity

Don Park is a proud supporter of Habitat for Humanity, throughout the year we incorporate fundraising and awareness into all our events. For more information on Habitat for Humanity visit their website at

Don Park awarded 2009 Building Hope Trophy -   Click here for full article.

Products - Sheet Metal
Plenum|Click to view PDFs

Galvanized Plenum Armstrong   English | French

Galvanized Plenum Reducers   English | French

Galvanized Plenum Rheem   English | French

Galvanized Plenum Take offs   English | French

Cleats|Click to view PDFs

Galvanized D Cleat   English | French

Galvanized S Cleat   English | French

Galvanized Standing S Cleat   English | French

Sheet Steel
Sheet Steel|Click to view PDFs

Galvanized Sheet Steel  English | French

Joist Lining
Joist Lining|Click to view PDFs

Galvanized Joist Lining   English | French

Flashing|Click to view PDFs

Galvanized Flashings   English | French

Draft Diverter
Draft Diverter |Click to view PDFs

Galvanized Draft Diverter   English | French

Rain Caps
Rain Caps|Click to view PDFs

Galvanized Rain Caps   English | French

Straps|Click to view PDFs

Galvanized Anchor strap   English | French

Galvanized Staps angle and hanger   English | French

Return Air
Return Air|Click to view PDFs

Galvanized Return Air Boot   English | French

Galvanized Return Air Strip   English | French

Exhaust, Vents & Intakes
Exhaust, Vents & Intakes|Click to view PDFs

Air Intake   English | French

Exhaust Hoods   English | French

Drop Kit
Drop Kit|Click to view PDFs

Galvanized Cold Air Drop kits   English | French

Humidifier By Pass
Humidifier By Pass|Click to view PDFs

Humidifier By Pass   English | French

Filter Frame
Filter Frame|Click to view PDFs

Filter Frame   English | French